Apartment Moving Hacks to Make Your Packing Easy & Stress-Free

When moving from apartment to apartment, most people are looking for the best ways to make it a quick and smooth transition. If you are not properly prepared for your move, it can become a nightmare and cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Here are a few apartment moving hacks from top apartment movers to make your packing easy and stress-free!

1. Locate Free Boxes

If you are going through the process of hiring a moving company to help you move, chances are you don’t want to spend a fortune on boxes. Ask local stores or people in your surrounding area if they are looking to get rid of boxes. If you ask around, you will probably find more than you ever needed and save a chunk of cash in the process!

2. Use Hangers For Clothes

When moving your closet, don’t take everything off of the hanger and fold it nicely. This will take too much time in the packing stage, as well as when it is time to hang it all back up. Simply take a roll of plastic wrap and wrap big sections of clothes together. If you zip tie the hangers together, it will also help keep everything together while in transit to your new apartment.

3. Keep Your Drawers Intact

Many people want to keep the drawers inside their dresser, but never think about the potential damage to other items it could cause while on the moving truck. To prevent this from happening, take off the handles and store them in the drawer, so nothing gets lost – including the hardware needed to reassemble them. You can use the drawers as a place to store other items as well, instead of sending your dresser over empty. Cheap Movers Sacramento (cheapsacramentomovers.com) indicates it’s best to wrap the drawers in place using profressional-grade plastic wrap.

4. Organize, Organize, Organize

Keeping your items as organized as possible is a great way to make things easier on the unpacking end. It might be tedious on the packing end of things, but if you color coordinate your items and keep things structured and in order, you will thank yourself later. Choose a color for each room and label the boxes accordingly – kitchen = red, bedroom = blue, etc.

5. Properly Pack Plates

This is an alliteration that will save you from having to buy all new dishes upon moving into your new place. If you pack the dishes vertically, as you would a box of records, they are more likely to remain unshattered while in transit.

6. Protect Breakable Items

Wrap your mirrors, picture frames, or other breakable items in towels, sheets, or different protective layers. If you have access to bubble wrap, this is an even better option to keep your things safe. When you put breakable items in a box, make sure you label them as fragile, so the people helping you move are aware and don’t throw or drop that box.

When moving to a new apartment, it is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed during the process. Taking the time before you move to pack things the right way will save you so much time and energy when it is time to unpack and set up your new apartment.

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