Apartment Moving Hacks to Make Your Packing Easy & Stress-Free

When moving from apartment to apartment, most people are looking for the best ways to make it a quick and smooth transition. If you are not properly prepared for your move, it can become a nightmare and cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Here are a few apartment moving hacks from top apartment movers to make your packing easy and stress-free!

1. Locate Free Boxes

If you are going through the process of hiring a moving company to help you move, chances are you don’t want to spend a fortune on boxes. Ask local stores or people in your surrounding area if they are looking to get rid of boxes. If you ask around, you will probably find more than you ever needed and save a chunk of cash in the process!

2. Use Hangers For Clothes

When moving your closet, don’t take everything off of the hanger and fold it nicely. This will take too much time in the packing stage, as well as when it is time to hang it all back up. Simply take a roll of plastic wrap and wrap big sections of clothes together. If you zip tie the hangers together, it will also help keep everything together while in transit to your new apartment.

3. Keep Your Drawers Intact

Many people want to keep the drawers inside their dresser, but never think about the potential damage to other items it could cause while on the moving truck. To prevent this from happening, take off the handles and store them in the drawer, so nothing gets lost – including the hardware needed to reassemble them. You can use the drawers as a place to store other items as well, instead of sending your dresser over empty. Cheap Movers Sacramento (cheapsacramentomovers.com) indicates it’s best to wrap the drawers in place using profressional-grade plastic wrap.

4. Organize, Organize, Organize

Keeping your items as organized as possible is a great way to make things easier on the unpacking end. It might be tedious on the packing end of things, but if you color coordinate your items and keep things structured and in order, you will thank yourself later. Choose a color for each room and label the boxes accordingly – kitchen = red, bedroom = blue, etc.

5. Properly Pack Plates

This is an alliteration that will save you from having to buy all new dishes upon moving into your new place. If you pack the dishes vertically, as you would a box of records, they are more likely to remain unshattered while in transit.

6. Protect Breakable Items

Wrap your mirrors, picture frames, or other breakable items in towels, sheets, or different protective layers. If you have access to bubble wrap, this is an even better option to keep your things safe. When you put breakable items in a box, make sure you label them as fragile, so the people helping you move are aware and don’t throw or drop that box.

When moving to a new apartment, it is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed during the process. Taking the time before you move to pack things the right way will save you so much time and energy when it is time to unpack and set up your new apartment.

Newcomer’s Moving Guide to the Best of Chelsea

Welcome to Chelsea, Manhattan, a thriving multicultural district in New York City. This area of the West Side is full of exciting art galleries, local markets, and fantastic restaurants. If you’re new to the neighborhood, here are some tips for moving in along with some of the best places to check out!

Settling Into Your New Apartment

Between 14th and 34th streets, just west of Broadway, is the stylish, fast-paced neighborhood of Chelsea. There are thousands who want to call this trendsetting neighborhood home, and per Zumper, the real estate is priced accordingly. Here, the median rent for a studio apartment is almost $2900, while 4-bedroom units rent for around $7200. Basically, if you want to live here, expect to shell out a lot on your monthly living expenses, even if you live in a small space. Once you do find a place to call home, we highly recommend calling an NYC apt moving company to help you get moved in. This mover says that moving in Manhattan comes with a whole set of issues that a traditional suburban move does not. You may also want to read up on these tips for tiny apartment living in NYC. Once you’re settled into your new home, it’s time to start exploring your great neighborhood!

Art Galleries and Museums

Many of Chelsea’s art galleries are free to enter and are a great choice for weekend explorations or afternoon excursions. The Chelsea Gallery District covers 14th to 25th Street, between 9th and 11th Avenue, and features a wide range of local and international artists with rotating and one-of-a-kind installations.

Along with local galleries, the area also boasts several different museums. If you enjoy seeing art from around the world, the Rubin Museum of Art offers contemporary and historical exhibits from the Himalayas and surrounding regions. For those with a soft spot for fashion history and vintage fabric, try visiting The Fashion Institute of Technology Museum that provides free admittance to three different galleries. The museum also features special exhibitions, FIT student and faculty shows, and a historical gallery that covers 250 years of fashion that gets rotated every six months. And if modern art is your passion, be sure to also explore the renowned Whitney Museum of American Art in the nearby Meatpacking District as well.

Neighborhood Markets and Restaurants

If you’re looking for delicious, local food, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in Chelsea! Food trucks and food carts are plentiful here and are an excellent way to grab authentic food on-the-go. Look for Rafiqi’s Food Cart for tasty Greek dishes, or El Idolo for inexpensive Mexican food. And for an open-air market experience, make sure to check out the famous Chelsea Market, which is an entire block that’s filled with restaurants, bakeries, stores, and other treats for foodies to enjoy. With fresh-baked bread, artisanal cheese, and yummy pastries, you’ll find everything here at the Market. You can also indulge in a little retail therapy at one of the many boutiques surrounding the area as well.

For a casual, sit-down dining experience, try The Donut Pub for freshly made doughnuts and other breakfast eats, or visit Stella’s Pizza, which is one of the oldest pizza parlors in Chelsea. If you’re hungry for a quality tapas restaurant, get cozy in El Quinto Pino, which boasts an authentic Mexican menu with a twist on traditional dishes. Sushi lovers should try Momoya, which has an affordable and unique spread of rolls and side dishes. And along with several other restaurants that feature Indian and Asian cuisine, Chelsea has everything you need to satisfy your cravings.


Five Reasons Why Hell’s Kitchen is a Great Place to Call Home

Hell’s Kitchen is an area of New York City that’s bounded by 34th Street to the south, the Hudson River to the west, 59th Street to the north, and 8th Avenue to the east, and is one of Manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods. While there are many tales as to how the district got its name, Hell’s Kitchen is rooted in a gritty past that once housed gangsters, gangs, a working class of Irishmen. Since the area is now thriving with a up-and-coming real estate, fantastic food, and trendy shops, if you’re considering moving to this West Side Manhattan neighborhood, here are a few reason’s why it’s a great place to call home. If you have room in your budget after the expensive NYC moving prices, these are the things you’ll want to check out in the neighborhood.

1. Famous Restaurants

Hell’s Kitchen is famously known for Restaurant Row, which is a string of international restaurants that are located on 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. Here, you’ll find classic American dishes with a twist, such as The Five Napkin Burger and NYC’s local favorite, The Shake Shack. For those who are craving German food, you can visit Hallo Berlin at 626 10th Avenue for authentic sausage, sauerkraut, and beer menus. There are also a number of bakeries that serve up delicious French pastries, cupcakes, and pies. With other ethnic venues that include Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Ethiopian meals, there’s something for everyone in Hell’s Kitchen. Additionally, you won’t want to miss out on the great happy hour specials in Hell’s Kitchen.

2. Easy Access

This district is a stone’s throw away from the West Side Highway, which provides easy road access to both the Bronx and upstate New York. And if you’re looking to play tourist for the day, a short cab ride can take you to many popular sites, such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Columbus Circle Shops, Bryant Park, and Central Park. The Port Authority Bus Terminal also shuttles to every city in New Jersey, as well as to all over the United States and Canada. And in nearby Penn Station, you can find the Long Island Railroad and Amtrak along with the major subway lines of NYC.

3. Local Color

Hell’s Kitchen has a certain “Je ne sais quoi” that creates a hip yet inviting vibe for locals. Every ethnicity has managed to find a home in this neighborhood and now includes newcomers from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. This eclectic mix of people has influenced the art, style of dress, and overall atmosphere of the area and has created an inspiring environment that draws residents in.

4. Broadway Plays

In the earlier years of Hell’s Kitchen’s existence, many actors flocked to the area in search of inexpensive housing. When the district was gentrified in the 1990’s, its housing was updated, and new luxury buildings began to dot the main avenues. And in addition to major Broadway plays that can be seen in the neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen is also home to several off-Broadway theaters that boast high-level performances at reasonable prices.

5. Fun Entertainment

From Madison Square Garden’s major sporting events to Chelsea Pier’s indoor fitness, basketball, and ice skating arenas, this neighborhood has plenty of fun entertainment options. You’ll find several free activities and live performances at the Hudson River Park and great bargains on furniture, retro fashion, and collectibles at the open air Flea Market located at West 39th Street and 9th Avenue. And with so many things to see and do within the Hell’s Kitchen are, it’s the perfect place to live in NYC.

Relocating to UWS? Read this Before Hiring Residential Movers

West Manhattan is a culturally diverse area that’s home to a thriving food and art scene. With gorgeous real estate options, countless fine dining venues, and fun community entertainment, it’s a coveted district to live in within the Big Apple. However, there are many things to consider when relocating to the historic West Side. For tips on what to expect in the area, here are a few insights to keep in mind.

Home Prices

If you’re looking to buy property in West Manhattan, be prepared for steep prices. While average costs here are considerably less than Upper West Side properties, it’s still a fair amount to pay for NYC housing. In Chelsea, the median sale price is around $1,515,000 per home or $1,600 per square foot. And in the Clinton and Hell’s Kitchen district, expect to shell out over 2-million dollars for a standard 2-bedroom space. Even as more luxurious doorman apartments are popping up with more rental opportunities, it’s still a high price to live in West Manhattan.

Moving In

Once you do find a place to live, moving into your apartment can be a whole different issue. With tight spaces, tough parking, and strict rules about elevator usage, most West Manhattan apartments make the moving process a bit complicated. For that reason, we highly recommend enlisting the help of an experienced professional who can get you moved quickly and deal with all the headaches of moving in New York. And if a big snowstorm like Stella strikes or there’s another unforeseen issue, be sure you know what to do about NYC movers canceling last minute.

Neighborhood Life

The West Side has a relatively low crime rate compared to the rest of New York City and is a safe place for raising a young family. The area also boasts several prestigious private schools and has a great education system for young children. And with year-round community events, festivals, and neighborhood gatherings, it’s an ideal spot for meeting other residents and building a network of local friends.


West Manhattan is a trendy location that draws in young families and working class residents that live side-by-side with corporate executives and artists. The region also has a high percentage of LBGTQ residents and a diverse cultural population, and you’ll find plenty of progressive thinking and open-minded discussions when mingling with residents.


In addition to beautiful buildings and historic monuments, West Manhattan-ers have an excellent selection of eateries to enjoy. The Hell’s Kitchen district has some of the most scrumptious and talked-about restaurants in the city and attracts hundreds of locals and tourists each year. You’ll also find popular city gems such as The Spotted Pig in Greenwich, which offers casual ambiance, delicious food, and the occasional celebrity sighting. And whether it’s fresh seafood at the pier or ripe produce at the Chelsea Market, you won’t be disappointed with what the West Side has to offer.

Outdoor Activities

Although West Manhattan is part of NYC’s concrete jungle, there’s plenty to do for the avid outdoorsman. The High Line is a favorite spot for Manhattan locals and consists of a 1.45-mile long park that’s evaluated above the city streets. With beautiful plant life and paths for running and jogging, it’s a great spot for enjoying a bit of nature within the city. The De Witt Clinton Park between 52nd and 54th Streets is also ideal for picnics, ball games, and leisurely strolls among green spaces within the neighborhood. And for those looking to compete in organized sports, the Chelsea Piers give residents access to game arenas and a field house that include activities such as golf, baseball, gymnastics, and more